Did you know it can take 80 years for a crisp packet to decompose? Did you know that 150 crisp packets can be ironed together and turned into a survival blanket for a homeless person and will help to keep their sleeping bag dry and insulated? The iron man project collect crisp packets and make survival blankets for the homeless.
After hearing about Iron Man Survival Blankets, Team Spectrum decided to get involved with the project. Skater mum Jo Loring decided to take on the job of collecting, washing and sending off crisp packets. She called upon the skaters and families from Spectrum Roller Skating Club for support and together the club has sent off hundreds of packets to be made into blankets.
“Becoming an Iron Man Survival Volunteer is just one of the ways we can cultivate kindness and make a real difference in our communities this winter.” Coach, Tracy Stevens.
If you would like to get involved with the project too, you can email: Theironman.frome@gmail.com
Or check out their Facebook page:
Alternatively you can donate to their go fund me page:
The crisp packet postal address is:
37 Marley’s Way, Frome, Somerset BA11 3NG