Greenfield Community College students from both the Sunnydale Campus and Aycliffe site, have been working with writer Andy Croft to create their own short stories and flash fiction which will be published and be the start to the second of the free Little Libraries, this one held on the Sunnydale Campus and launched on World Book Day on 3rd March 2016.
The first of the Little Free Libraries is on the Aycliffe Site and has been a great asset to the school and community. Both library containers have been created by our students with guidance from the Cree men and they include a variety of books which anyone can borrow or swap for another in its place.
The work of the students was created after a workshop with writer Andy Croft, in which he showed how writing and story-telling can inspire others and provoke all sorts of emotions, so much so they have created their own stories. This will be published and placed in the Sunnydale Little Library for all to read on World Book Day. The students will also receive a copy each to show how far their hard work has reached.
World Book Day will also see the launch of the Suitcase Library workshop by the Youth Cree alongside artist Nicola Golightly for Greenfield Community College students. This is something they have been working on for the past couple of months and is a progression on their previous work which included the sharing of their kindness manifesto through gifts of kindness to inspire positivity through creativity.
On World Book Day the Little Library on the Sunnydale Campus will be officially opened along with a primary school workshop and readings by Andy Croft, with thanks to GAMP AAP for their support. Students throughout both campuses will also be gifted a book voucher each and be tasked with a reading for success activity. This event is a great way to celebrate World Book Day throughout the school and understand the importance of stories as well as help students to find new ways to enjoy reading and writing.

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