Dear Sir,

Kate and I would like to thank your correspondent for their question on parking and the SORN vehicle in Oakfield.

We can all agree that our streets were not designed for so many vehicles, therefore we recognise the frustration caused by inconsiderate drivers and lack of parking space, but a parking space can no longer be guaranteed outside our homes, so residents need to work together and be considerate to each other and general road users.

For information, ‘a vehicle that is registered as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) is when it’s identified as ‘off the road’ and the owner stops taxing and insuring it. According to the DVLA, the vehicle is classed as ‘off the road’ as long as it is not kept or used on a public road, for example, if it’s in a garage, on a drive or on private land’.

In this case, the vehicle is parked legally and in good condition, on a designated parking area owned by Livin and not Durham County Council, this area is classed as private land and therefore it’s not on a public road. On this occasion Durham County Council cannot take action or remove the vehicle, it is one for the social landlord Livin to investigate and take action if required.

However, Kate and I will speak to Livin about the SORN vehicle and request that their drivers avoid taking up too many parking bays with works vehicles. Sorry we cannot be of more help on this occasion.

Residents can seek advice, guidance and support by contacting their local Councillor direct, you can find our contact details on either:



Cllr Eddy Adam – – 07900 701966

Cllr Kate Hopper – – 07900 702365