Dear Newtonians,
I was recently elected as the Youth Officer for the Sedgefield Constituency Labour Party and part of my role is to oversee all members of Young Labour and to ensure our voice is heard in the executive committee.
Youth officers usually only cater to those who already have a membership but I know there are many young people who don’t have a membership.
If you believe that our NHS is important then join us because we promise to campaign for it. We promise to protect the NHS and the thousands of people that survive from it .
As Youth Officer I will strive to ensure that your views are heard. I will strive to ensure that when our MP goes to London to vote on issues he doesn’t forget the young people of this constituency.
Even if you aren’t young enough to join Young Labour please join Labour itself to protect our most vital services.
If you wish to contact me you can do so by emailing the official youth officer email address:
Thank you
Owen Dickinson
Sedgefield CLP Youth Officer.