Dear Sir
We recently had a problem with our shower and knowing what a reputation plumbers have I was very wary of contacting one off-hand.  However I asked around and our neighbour suggested Neat Heat (advertised in the Newton News) so I rang Mr Nellis who said he would come and have a look at it.  He did warn me what the alternatives could be and the possible cost.
He gave me a day on which he would come and duly arrived.  Having checked the shower thoroughly he informed me that it was not such a big job after all and, to my relief, merely charged a call-out fee.
I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Nellis as I had no idea what the problem was and believed it could have meant a brand new shower.  As I am now clean again I would like to thank Neat Heat and Mr Nellis can rest assured we will be recommending him to anyone who asks.
David Skerrett
Eade Close