Dear Sir,

It starts at the top and it includes all but a handful of the 650 overpaid, self-serving, complacent, corrupt and useless Members of Parliament who have manifestly failed to follow the law they themselves created.

Under our constitution Parliament is supreme and it answers only to the electorate. In 2016, by a law which it passed, it delegated the decision of remaining in or leaving the EU to the electorate and we delivered a very clear verdict. Every MP who since then has worked to undermine that decision, including our own by doing everything to delay or even reverse it, is acting beyond their lawful authority. They are nothing less than traitors and they should be removed, by force if necessary.

Yet they complain and whine and whimper about the criticism they are subject to. They have the most privileged position. If they have an opinion about anything, however ignorant or ill-informed it is, they are gifted time on radio and television, space in newspapers and a willing audience of sycophants in the media. If they get a bit of abuse on the internet the police act, whereas for you and me the police have no time.

They truly are some of the most worthless and wasteful people in the country, contributing virtually nothing of any value and yet it continues year after year, decade after decade and all the time they are reinforcing the system in their interest. They are almost totally unaccountable and their main focus is always preserving their own position.

The government in Britain has become a mafia controlled by the Conservative and Labour parties in league with their media friends, big business, mega conglomerates that suck up the wealth we create and use it only for their own ends. We have all had enough, and at last I am starting to believe our time is coming after we Leave this corrupt dictatorship known as the EU.

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