Neville  Community  Centre is now run by the  charity  “Friends of Senior  Citizens Charitable Trust”. This  organisation  was set up by Peter  Beaty in 2003 with its 3 Trustees  responsible  for running  the Centre. When The  Cubby moved into the Centre in August  2015 Peter Beaty was the only named Trustee at the Charity  Commission. Four new Trustees were immediately appointed and a new bank mandate put in place. Peter  Beaty resigned  in September  2015 and the Centre  combined with The  Cubby was managed by Bill Blenkinsopp under the control of the Trustees. Bill Blenkinsopp  recently  resigned and the control is now under a total of six Trustees. The Cubby Charity is in the process of amalgamating with Friends Of Senior Citizens Charitable Trust. The Trustees are keen to see the Centre used by more local residents and therefore support  the formation  of a Residents’  Association using the Centre as its base. The Centre is in excellent  condition and ideal to be hired for many different activities including private parties.

Syd Howarth chairman of Great Aycliffe Residents’ Association is also keen to see the Neville Parade area have their own association of householders. Other organisations have proved their worth since being formed in different areas of the town  in recent years. Syd said: “GARA has encouraged the formation of Residents’ Associations and they have proved to be successful, attracting people to meetings, dealing with local issues talking to councils, landlord Livin, the police and utility providers. GARA will be assisting Neville Parade Community Centre trustees, not only to encourage the formation of  a Residents Association but for  the community to make greater use of this very useful facility. For an association to succeed there will need to be great interest shown, with people volunteering to be officers and committee members. If you share an ambition to see a Residents’ Association formed please contact Syd Howarth at Newton  News. Tel: 01325 300212, e-mail: All enquiries to hire facilities or to offer voluntary help at
Neville Parade Centre  should be addressed to the Trustee and  Secretary, Lileen  Cuthbertson on 07961 733524. E-mail: