On 3rd November 2020 we lost our beloved Evan, we didn’t have cause for alarm, nor any indication that something was wrong. We went to bed one day and next day he was gone. Mental health related deaths are one of the biggest killers of our youth.

We needed to do something so another family, another community, didn’t experience this monumental loss . . . So we did.

On the 26th June 2021 we, and almost 300 of our friends, family and members of our community, participated in the #redforevan fundraising walk. The walk covered the entirity of the Great Aycliffe Walk, approximately 12k, just over 8 miles.

We would like to thank each and every participant, from the youngest fundraisers, Paige and Flynn, to our local Tesco champion Shirley, and everyone inbetween.

The support our family has received these last months has been nothing short of incredible and the support for the #redforevan walk even more so.

The morning of the walk we woke to rain and worried that this would hinder participation, we were wrong to worry, as we got to the train station and saw the sea of people, wearing red, there for us and for Evan.

The response to #redforevan has been amazing, from events to raise funds, not only for If U Care Share Foundation, but also for Quinns Retreat, with help from Newton Aycliffe Tesco, fully embraced by Shirley and Caroline. Thank you so much ladies for the support and refreshments provided on the day.

Thanks also to Steve Cunliffe for leading our walk and Sheena for setting the whole thing away, we also need to mention each and every person that walked, donated, shared our link and shared conversations.

We couldn’t have done any of this without our community and the people around us.

If you, or anyone you know, may be struggling, please reach out. Please talk to someone – You are vital – You are necessary – You are loved.

Our fundraising has reached a staggering £4121 at time of going to print.