Dear Sir,

This is a message to all the irresponsible and ignorant dog owners who stand and watch their dogs foul on public footpaths, outside shops, (especially outside Woodham Vets), children’s parks and people’s lawns and don’t pick it up and bin it. They leave it for everyone to stand in it or pick it up ourselves from our gardens.

I write this as I have just come in from picking dog mess up off my front lawn and I don’t even own a dog. You MUST know who you are and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Readers of the Newton News please send your comments to the Editor if you are also angry about certain dog owners who cannot be bothered to clean up after their dogs.

You cannot enjoy going out for a walk without watching your step as the pavements are covered in it. Please stop this disgusting habit. Carry your doggy bin bags with you each time you take them out – pick it up and bin it.

Newton Aycliffe have bins everywhere so there is no excuse.

A very disgruntled Newton Aycliffe Resident