Dear Sir,

A proposal has come forward to have an ‘Open Day’ for every kind of sport which is available in Newton Aycliffe, to be held in the town centre, in the near future.

The thinking behind this is two-fold: Firstly, it will give an opportunity for all outdoor and indoor sports clubs or teams to promote themselves face to face, with the residents of Newton Aycliffe. This could help with recruitment or simply give people the chance to try various sports that they may like to challenge themselves with, whether it’s a team sport or individual sport of any kind.

The population of Aycliffe is increasing and in my experience not everyone is fully aware of what is available in Newton Aycliffe. This is evident by the several requests to seek various sports clubs that I have seen posted on local social media sites.

Secondly, I firmly believe, with many others, that if the youngsters in the town are made aware of the choices then perhaps it would help reduce some of the unacceptable anti-sociable behaviour which, sadly, is on the increase in the town. Newton Aycliffe is a great town to live in, but some choose to spoil it for others simply because of the ‘there is nothing else to do’ mentality.

It is an idea that could work and help create a sense of community spirit, which is, perhaps, lacking of late. The format on the day will have to be thought out, but an example I suggest is either static displays under gazebos or demonstrations from clubs such as martial arts and, I hasten to add, dancing and gymnastic clubs, who would enhance the occasion as these include physical activity.

Personally, I would be involved via the Newton Aycliffe Sports Club which includes, Newton Aycliffe Cricket Club; Newton Aycliffe FC; Newton Aycliffe Sports Club FC; Newton Aycliffe Archery Club and Newton Aycliffe Rugby Club.

Add a smattering of music from Aycliffe Radio and street entertainment and perhaps this would be a worthwhile occasion.

If any representative of any sports in Aycliffe feel they could apply themselves to this proposal, please get in touch with me. Depending on interest collectively, we could make this work.

Over to you . . . I am happy to steer this idea forward.

Suggested event date is Saturday 31st July 2021, 12pm till 3pm.

Stuart McLean

Text: 07812 372675 or Email: