Dear Sir,
In last week’s Newton News Eileen Brewis considered that my arguments were not presented coherently, such that, she could not give a counter argument. I take this to mean that she had no valid counter argument to make!
She then goes on to ‘dispel the myths’ about the E.U. and states her belief that the E.U. acts in a democratic manner and that each country is fully involved in decisions made. This is nonsense as evidenced below:
Poland: The Polish Government was hauled before the E.U. Commission because its democratically elected Parliament changed its Constitution.
Italy: The Italian Government has democratically voted through a Budget which is not acceptable to the E.U. At the time of writing this squabble is ongoing.
Greece: The E.U. Central Bank (in Germany!) demanded budgetary changes as a condition of the Euro ‘bail-out’. The bail-out conditions were not decided by the E.U. but by Germany and France.
Hungary: The Hungarian Government was admonished by the E.U. for its decision to close its borders during the height of the migrant crisis.
Germany: Angela Merkle unilaterally invited a million migrants into Germany without even a democratic vote in the German Parliament and without any consultation with the E.U. Commission or other E.U. members. How undemocratic is that!
Great Britain: In April 2016 the British Government increased its contribution to the IMF to £22 Billion to assist in the bail-out of the Euro. Britain never joined the Euro and it was a condition of our continued E.U. membership that we would not be involved in this failed venture. Our bail-out payments are therefore undemocratic, both within the E.U. and Britain!
With regards to Germany, I find it a bit of an understatement to refer to two World Wars and the Holocaust as being Germany’s, “wrongdoings in the 20th Century”. I also don’t remember any atonement. Indeed, during the Greek financial crisis a Greek politician said that the money lent to Greece by Germany should not be regarded as a loan, but rather, as war reparations! The German wartime economy was sustained by slave labour and post-war, by 3 million plus cheap Turkish immigrants. Ask any Eastern European why they prefer to migrate to Britain for work instead of to Germany and you will come to understand that, in the eyes of must Europeans, Germany has not atoned for its “wrongdoings”.
Yours sincerely,
Alastair P G Welsh.