– More than 25% of the 1950s population lived in poverty, this was down to 12% in the 1960s and down to 9.9% in the 1970s/1980s.
– Over 500,000 recorded crimes in the 1950s, with over 1 million in 1960s, 2 million in the 1970s and 3.5 million in the 1980s. This trend continued until the early 2000s where it has seen a steady decline since. Bear in mind, however, that as new things have happened it has increased the opportunity to commit a crime and the reason to report one.
– Smoking and drinking have always been bad for you, it’s just companies are not able to lobby the government to the same extent anymore.
– You had plenty of germs and viruses, or did you forget why the MMR jab was created?
– Oh yeah, how great, where Dad was in charge and would slap his wife if she stepped out of place!
– The children were not heard because they would be physically punished if they were, oh yes . . . the good old days when people enjoyed, or turned a blind eye, to physically abusing children.
There is nothing about ‘the good old days’ that makes me wish I was born earlier, very little money, poor pay for hard jobs, poor housing, poor healthcare, poor education. I could go on and on. The only people who wish for the good old days are the people who are unwilling to move along with the times and progress and move forward with the rest of society.
We are meant to learn from the past, we are meant to use our discoveries to make life better for everyone, to make life easier for everyone. What is the point of living if it’s a mixture of stress and unhappiness?
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