Dear Sir,
Although it isn’t necessarily illegal to have a loud exhaust on your car or motorcycle as long as they don’t exceed 74db for cars manufactured up until 2016, cars manufactured after this it is 72db.
For motorcycles up to 350cc it is 80db, above this capacity it is 82db.
There seems to be some would be racing drivers and motorcycles whose exhausts exceed this and what is more annoying is when they sit at junctions, unnecessarily reviving their engines, they must have money to waste.
Then there are the would be DJ’s, who play their music so loud, ‘They are either deaf or they soon will be.’ It’s not funny having to listen to “Boom, Boom, Boom,” from someone’s car, worse still, late at night. For example; someone waited at a junction after 1:30am, playing music so loud, the whole street could hear it. This went on for 10mins, you can’t tell me they were waiting for a gap in the traffic at 1:30am. How would they like it if someone played music outside their house? I’m sure they wouldn’t. So, stop being so self centred and consider others who don’t want to listen to your music or your loud exhaust.
Name and address supplied.