Dear Sir,
I see Woodham golf club has gone, Curry Express, FeastLand Takeaway, Superdrug, M&Co McMahons Fruit Shop has gone just to name a few over the last few months. Taylors Newsagents is to close soon.
Others shops say that they are thinking of closing, Then there are other Aycliffe businesses that are also struggling due to lack of support from Newtonians.
It seems Aycliffe people want to live in a ghost town and yet whinge on about having nothing to do here.
A Free film show by Greenfield Arts had only 10 people turn up. The Youth Centre complain that few are turning up for their free events. I went to a free family event held by Aycliffe Young Talent Project on Saturday night at Planet Leisure and there was about 50 people there enjoying a free night of music that would have beat any holiday camp or stage show in a resort overseas. Why wasn’t it bursting at the seams?
In my opinion the majority of people in Aycliffe are lazy!
Is this is a typical Newtonian? Buy everything at Tesco instead of using the small shops that have served Aycliffe well over the years. Stay in at night and watch the TV and eat microwave meals and then whinge away on facebook about the Telly being rubbish and there is nothing to do.
WAKE UP EVERYONE, while there is plenty to do for free or at cheap prices and you still have shops other than Tesco! Get yourself into gear and make the most of Aycliffe – Use It Or Lose It!
Ian (AYTP)