I’m a good person me, I have a certificate to prove it.

Just received an email asking me if “Learning Reiki will make me a good and loving person’’. The short answer to this question is no it won’t, in much the same way being religious won’t automatically make you a good person. What both of these things can do is give you something to hide behind. A veneer of spirituality to cover your true nature.

They say beauty is skin deep and so can spirituality be, but neither can hide an ugly person. Ugly in the persons true nature. Their thoughts, beliefs and actions in the way they treat themselves and the way they treat those around them, regardless of the image of virtue and respectability they wish to portray to the world.

If you want to be a good and loving person you don’t need Reiki, religion or anything else. What you need to do is stop looking for short cuts and easy options. Stop looking for some thing or some one to sort out the rubbish in your life for you.

To become a good, kind and loving person you start by taking personal responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs and actions. You begin by accepting responsibility for your own life and the chaos contained therein. Stop looking for an excuse for your behaviour or someone else to blame. Accept personal responsibility for the way you treat people and the way you have taught them to treat you in a less than loving way.

Any faith system, belief, skill or ability is nothing more than an expression of the person who practices them. They can become a true reflection of dedication and spiritual values or simply an extension of an ugly personality seeking power and control over others. Usually the only difference between a good and a “bad’’ person is the choices they make and the consequence of their actions. Since it’s your life, you are the only one who can choose who and what you want to be.