Dear Sir,

I write to you in relation to the horrendous, pungent smell that is encompassing Newton Aycliffe and surrounding areas. The smell; some sort of spicy food manufacturing, is emanating from somewhere on Aycliffe Business Park and is extremely strong and overpowering. I have reported this to the Environmental Health at the Council, however they seem to expect me to do the investigation myself and sent me a diary… It is absolutely preposterous that anyone should have to complete this especially as it was stated very clearly to them that this smell was being created every single day, surely an investigating officer could have a drive around and I am certain that this malodorous pong could not go unnoticed. I was travelling through Darlington tonight and could even smell this on the other side of the town. I am absolutely certain that I will not be the only person who is offended by this guff!

Yours Faithfully

Mr A. P. Anderson