During last Saturday’s collection for the County Durham Foodbank in Tesco’s Newton Aycliffe Store, Molly  Foster  and her mother Amy brought a most generous donation of toiletries for needy people. Forty toiletry packs were gratefully received by Kath Pinner and Alison Firby, coordinators of the St Clare’s distribution point, who know how much these will be appreciated by some local people.

Amy contacted the Foodbank after Molly, aged 8, decided some time ago to help the poor and homeless.  The first personal hygiene pack was given to a homeless woman in Darlington, for whom Molly also bought coffee and warm food.  Molly then continued to collect items and make up packs as her way of helping people in need.  She has made similar donations to the Salvation Army and a foodbank in Darlington.  She hopes to support the charity Baby Basics in the future. Molly and her family live in Newton Aycliffe, and Molly attends Aycliffe Village primary school. Kath, Alison and the other volunteers at Foodbank are very aware of the difficult choices people have to make about spending on low incomes.  “This donation will really help people in crisis.

Personal hygiene products can prove very expensive when people hit a difficult patch,” said Alison.  “Molly’s kindness expressed in such a practical way, is a fantastic help in the work we do.  We thank and congratulate Molly and Amy for such good support. They will be particularly helpful to people who have been made homeless, perhaps forced to leave their homes and take refuge elsewhere. ”