Saturday’s Messy Church celebrated a Messy Family Baptism in a fun and informative way. This was a hugely popular Service seeing 114 people attending and a record breaking 49 toy baptisms.
We saw teddies of all shapes and sizes, dolls, monkeys and even a crocodile being brought to the font for baptism. Everyone received a special certificate and all toys behaved very well! We celebrated the baptism of Messy member Evan, who supported by his elder sisters as Godmothers and his parents Tina and Andrew making the baptismal responses as a whole family supporting each other in this loving, welcoming, active church. Reverend Elizabeth played her guitar with everyone joining in with actions and sounds to ‘The wise man built his house upon the rocks’. All families were prayed for and encouraged to support one another.
Messy Church has themed activities to help support the main focus of the Service, so children were then able to make their own baptism candle to eat! Make painty foot-prints and observe the print they produced – each one unique. Everyone could decorate their own naming pebble to take home and create a sparkly cross.
Sand and water play proved very popular as always and the toddler area was kept very busy too. More photographs are available to view on St. Clare’s Messy Church Facebook page. Ending with a buffet tea and Christening cake everyone left knowing a little bit more about the elements of baptism and we hope you all come back next time for MESSY MOTHERS DAY on March 5th at 4pm.

Messy Church