Dear Editor,

Today I visited Newton Aycliffe town centre and what a disgraceful carry on. I live in Ferryhill and often call at the town centre to shop and visit the market.

We parked in the covered car park only to find we could not get through to the shops. There was a man there to tell us that to get there we must go up in the lift, walk across the car park and descend to the shopping area by going down the new stairs. This is no easy task if you have a pushchair or if you are not in the best of health.

When we got to the town centre the market had been moved to the car park where the market traders normally park their vans. There were no signs to say there was a market on.

I think it is a disgrace the way the market traders have been treated, and there seems to have been no thought for them when the arrangements were made for the town centre improvements.

If the Town Centre management or the Council want rid of the market they are doing a good job. They want to remember a good market brings people into the town and if the traders continue to be treated this way I can see them leaving one by one and then Newton Aycliffe will no longer be called a market town.

Helen Cox

Ed: This problem would have been alleviated had there been no wall erected next to Aldi.