Dear Sir,

Tenants who use seven garages at Linden Place have today been informed they have to vacate them by 19th April as  they are to be demolished to make way for 4 new houses.

These garages are all occupied and Linden Place has lots of cars that have to park on the road. We have a bit of green which is constantly used in the summer and Livin are also going to take this away.

Can they just decide to build where they want without consultation with tenants prior to building?

At my end of the street there are quite a few house owners and I know these property owners are not happy.

Anne Kemp

Livin Reply . . .

“Two of the seven garages at Linden Place are currently unoccupied and require costly repair work to be let. We have experienced very low level demand for garages in this area for many years and have a number of empty garage blocks in close proximity to Linden Place.  Importantly all affected licensees of the garages in Linden Place will be given the opportunity to apply to rent a garage from neighbouring sites.

“However, it is also the case that there is a huge shortage in affordable housing in Newton Aycliffe with over 2,000 people currently registered for this type of housing. Because of this we carefully select sites that offer development potential for new homes and the low demand for garages at Linden Place marks it as a site that could offer much needed affordable homes to local people. We will always consult with local residents regarding development plans and we will always include consultation responses as part of our planning applications to Durham County Council. In this particular case we will, subject to planning permission, ensure the new homes we build are available to let at affordable rent under a local lettings policy that gives priority to current residents of Newton Ayclife.”

Ian Brown

Head of Development

& Allocations for livin