Dear Sir,
I live within half a mile of the town centre and would like to raise the issue of the continuous chiming of the town centre bells, announcing every 15 minutes, even through the silent hours.
As we near, hopefully, the warmer summer months, I like to try my best to keep cool at night, so I leave my windows ajar.
I am certain that I am not the only resident that suffers from the restlessness caused by the quarterly rendition from the town centre tower bells.
I wish to enquire as to the feeling of other residents of Newton Aycliffe, and if they find, like me, that the days of having a town bell are gone.
Unlike other municipal towns, whose bells are atop the local government buildings at the seat of local power, ours are mounted on top of the Thames Shopping Centre, not exactly a political hub.
I would like to raise a petition for all Newton Aycliffe residents therefore to see what the concensus is, and if there is a strong enough vote against the continued use of the town centre bells, I will be making efforts to have them at least silenced during silent hours.
I have created a website: where residents can select to vote YES to turn them off at night, or NO I am happy for them to keep chiming.
Darren Rhodes