Dear Sir,
After the adjustment of being out of the European Union we will be able to do what the people in Britain want to do not what we are instructed to do by Europe, which goes along with what is beneficial to them not us.
When Edward Heath took us into Europe in 1973, there was a scandal about EU members going over to Brussels and signing in to attend conferences and claiming expenses and doing a ‘U’ turn out of the building, which would have been a sackable offence if it had happened in the workplace. This hasn’t changed over the years as we all know about the expenses scandal, not that long ago.
Let’s put the great back into Britain and the honesty back into Parliament, let’s start selling British beef and Welsh lamb and English apples to the people in our country, and let’s start putting money into industries that we have lost while we have been in Europe, steel, coal, large organisations, BHS, C&A all have gone to the wall while we have been in Europe.
Let’s stop sending our young people to war and send them to work for the good of our great nation, let’s give them values and make them proud to be British and grow up to respect other people wherever they are from and whatever their skin colour.
Let’s give them hope for the future of our country and chance to have good decent jobs in industries that we need, the building trade, electricians, joiners, plumbers, to become good, law abiding members of the community, let’s teach them that swearing and being a lout is not clever, but working and helping people and picking up litter to improve the place where they live is very satisfying.
Let’s buy British wherever possible to support our workforce. We can all love our neighbours; it doesn’t mean we have to go to bed with them.
Let’s rejoice at the outcome of this referendum and work to make the world a better place for all.
Mrs C. Norton