Dear Sir,

Brexit is done. But, the new Labour leader, Sir Kier Starmer, who designed Labour’s unpopular ‘Remain’ policy, is now too embarrassed to oppose Brexit after the Evil Empire tried to ignore the Agreement and steal our Vaccines! Only now, and too late, is the Labour party seeing the EU for what they are. Newton Aycliffe voters were ahead of the game!

Remember, Kier Starmer, like Cherie Blair before, made a fortune out of the Human Rights and Equality legislation which, in their case, meant ignoring the rights of victims and promoting the rights of terrorists. All paid for by the true victims; you the taxpayers.

The Labour Party is not the party of Kier Starmer or even Tony Blair. It’s now a concatenation of ultra-left campaign groups; Momentum, Ban the Bomb, Ban the War, LBGTQ++ activist, Extinction Rebellion and BLM (Black Liberation Movement). Indeed, Sir Kier couldn’t wait for a ‘photo opp. to ‘virtue signal’ his support for BLM and their insulation that, if you are white, you are racist!

Locally, our Independent Councillors have being encouraging residents to stand for the Town or County Council. Like the Independents, I believe that there should be no place for Party politics on the Town Council. This is especially the case as some of your Labour Councillors, with seats on both Councils, subject the needs of the Town’s electorate (double taxation) to the wishes of the Labour Party on the County Council.

I understand that the separate Labour Party Ward branches have amalgamated into one branch. This grouping is increasing under the control of members who are, or were, supporters of Momentum and ‘Corbynistas’. I also understand that a lot of the ‘Old Labour’, or ‘Blairite’ Councillors are not seeking re-election. This, to make way for the promotion of an ultra-left Councillor who, before first being elected, called everyone who voted Brexit, (expletive) morons and hoped they all would be gassed first. Indeed, Extinction Rebellion’s Cllr. J.D. Clare penned a few letters to the local press in her support!

I would suggest that our Labour controlled County Council is not worthy of your support for the following reasons:

1) They have, historically, levied one of the highest levels of Local Taxation in England.

2) They sold off Windlestone Hall, at a huge loss, to an alleged fraudster.

3) They are spending £50m on an unnecessary new HQ. More money is being spent on a new Police Custody Suite on the suggestion of an unelected (Labour appointed) Commissioner.

4) They were obliged to turn a loan of circa £3.4 to Durham County Cricket Club into shares in the failing club. This, to let the London based Cricketing authorities out of their financial commitments.

Yours Sincerely,

Alastair P.G. Welsh