PCP’s knitting group helping to combat loneliness.
49% of adults (25.99 million people) in the UK reported feeling lonely, reported by Campaign to End Loneliness.
Health and wellbeing charity, the Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP) has a selection of groups and events that support people to connect with peers to combat the impacts of loneliness and mental health.
One of its groups is the Love to Knit group, which started in October 2023. Led by volunteer Sharon Rowley, and open to individuals of all ages and skill levels, the group provides a welcoming space for members to come together, share their passion for knitting, and create meaningful connections with like-minded peers.
Beyond the creative benefits of knitting, the group has created a sense of belonging and support, which are crucial elements in maintaining good mental health. The support doesn’t stop there, with crotched squares being made into dressing gowns and provided to those in need.
Sharon, group founder, has shared her thoughts on the group and said: “It’s more than just knitting squares, it’s about supporting each other and providing a safe space for people to come to.
“We started with one member, and we now have over 30. It is a lovely, warm and friendly environment, both the group and the Pioneering Care Centre (PCC).
“Personally, the biggest thing for me was when I look back at where I was, in a big black hole after my husband passed away, this group has given me a lot of strength, pride and confidence.
“I feel like I’m back to being me again, this group has given me a lot of new friendships, and the support I have received from Ann Bell, Community Projects Officer, and Annette Allen, Customer and Information Assistant, has been unwavering.
“The support gave me the confidence to go ahead with not just the group, but my life as well. I can’t tell you how supportive the PCP has been for me personally and I know all the other people in the group feel exactly the same way.”
The free ‘Love to Knit’ crochets every Thursday, 1.30pm until 3.30pm at the PCC, Carer’s Way, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 4SF, with free refreshments also available.