Dear Sir,

There are two issues that are currently annoying me intensely. I was going to say that the first matter concerns the Woodham area, however, I am certain that Aycliffe in general is affected.

Firstly, fireworks, who are the idiots who are setting off fireworks every night, and have been doing so for the past two weeks? I know there are adults out there with questionable intelligence and morals, but surely the perpetrator/s are kids. Who is selling fireworks to them anyway? And why are they being sold as early as the beginning of October?

It is bad enough that they usually start a week before 5th November and carry on for maybe a week after. It is not only highly annoying, but more pertinently, it is a real issue for pets, in particular dogs.

One of my dogs becomes extremely anxious, and judging by other dogs in my immediate area that can be heard barking and howling after a firework is set off, so do other people’s. I just hope that whoever wrote into Newton News a few weeks ago, moaning about the amount of dogs barking in the Woodham area doesn’t start complaining again. Or at least, if they do, then hopefully their complaint will be aimed at those responsible for upsetting these poor animals and not the dogs themselves.

My other issue centres around the dog waste bins. It could be argued that they are not emptied frequently enough. However, why do people insist on putting their bags of dog waste on top of an already full bin, or underneath it on the ground?


As I said above, ‘there are people out there with questionable intelligence’. I actually saw one local resident from Brafferton Close on Monday morning leaving his house to take his dog for a walk with what I am quite certain was a bag of dog waste, presumably picked up from his garden. I am pretty sure that he was heading for the nearest dog waste bin to dispose of it there. Why can’t people just put it in their own ‘outside’ waste bin?

I have also witnessed another local resident doing exactly the same on numerous occasions, when going to pick his car up on Woodham Way every morning. This is partly the reason why the bins are filling up as quickly as they are!

I’m not sure what the solution is to either of these issues apart from the second one, which involves adults – hopefully the people concerned will read this, and perhaps think twice in the future, especially as people do take notice and then write letters into their local newspaper!

Name and address supplied.