in the community, with the community, for the community


Everybody here is still buzzing about the success of last weekend’s music festival, but we need to pause to say thank you to all those people who worked so hard to make the weekend work – not least the people who turned out on a miserable Saturday to make sure that the show went with as big a bang as possible.

We need to thank the volunteers of Aycliffe Radio for all their hard work, the many performers who put their heart and soul into the event, Bryan Haldane of the Town Centre Management, Great Aycliffe Town Council . . . and all those residents who turned up to support and enjoy the event.

That is what ‘Community’ is all about.

The aim, eventually, is to try to restore the town centre as the heart of the town and – to that end – further events are planned including a blue light day, a community-groups day, and a history month amongst others.

Aycliffe is worth the effort.


‘Effort’, of course, is also at the centre of our three stories this week of youthful success – the Spectrum Roller Skaters; Athena Sports Academy’s British silver medal-winning gymnasts Tai Hodgson and Oscar James; and kart racer Scarlet Dunn who battled on through set-back to a respectable finish. Congratulations all – we take delight in your success, but we respect your efforts.


Finally, we cannot end without drawing attention to the efforts of the volunteers at Junction 7, whose contribution to the Silverdale area is immense and much appreciated, thank you.