Dear Sir,

How refreshing it was to read in last week’s edition, Father Michael Campion’s article supporting the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the residents of Newton Aycliffe who wish the return of the Police Station to the centre of town, as was promised when the temporary Police Station was sited on the Business Park.

If only our M.P., County and Town Councillors were so committed in their support of the residents they serve. All we read week after week is political point scoring and childish verbal abuse.

These people have been elected to serve the people of Newton Aycliffe and yet how often does that happen when important decisions affecting our Town are being taken?

I read recently about the increase in population of Darlington, some of which was being attributed to the success of Aycliffe Business Park in providing employment.

How strange it is that Darlington is benefitting in part from that success. Could that be because Darlington has a decent Town Centre, Public Toilets and yes an accessible Police Station in the centre of town?

One of the arguments extolling the success of the temporary police presence on the Business Park was the decrease in crime – again it shows what is considered to be most important, property, not the safety, wellbeing and accessibility for the residents.

Are we to be short-changed once again with a telephone contact point in the Fire Station? We deserve and demand better than this. It is now time for the elected representatives to put party politics aside and work together for the people of Newton Aycliffe.

Kath Allen