Dear Sir,
In reply to last week’s letter I certainly do not find the town clock chimes annoying.
Having lived in Newton Aycliffe for over 50 years, I have blessed our town clock numerous times in making me realise that I should be making tracks to pick up my children/grandchildren from playschool/primary school.
I feel if Darren Rhodes finds the chimes annoying he should try counting sheep instead. If this fails there are lots of simple aids on the market to plug your ears.
His letter reminds me of one that I read of a person moving into a small village to retire where the local church bells rang out several times a week .
He appealed to the local council to see if they could get them to stop, and was told in no uncertain terms that the church bells had rang for hundreds of years and if he did not like it then he could always move on.
During these last few months our clock has undergone repairs and in my capacity as Town Chaplain I have spoken up on behalf of many people who missed the chimes. I was very pleased therefore to be able to see and hear our town clock chiming again and long may it continue.
Pam Lovelass