Photo of The Burn in flood sent  by reader C. Baker

June 28th is a day many will remember for the torrential downpoor and floods in Newton Aycliffe, but it was also a time Natalie Parker will never forget as the day her life was saved!
Natalie (19) was walking her Springer Spaniel “Benny” along the Burn that evening when her pet slipped into the fast flowing stream and was quickly swept away by the current.
Without thinking Natalie junped in after him and with some difficulty managed to grab Benny before he was drowned, but the current was too strong for Natalie to get herself and her pet to the bank. She was stuck in the middle yelling for help and fearing for her life.
She shouted at a lady who was nearby to phone her Dad while trying to remain clam and upright. Then a middle aged man appeared on the scene, another dog walker, who handed his pet to the lady while he dashed through the bushes to the river bank. He grabed Benny first and then pulled Natalie to safety. He checked they were both ok and walked off as though nothing has happened.
“This man must not have realised how much danger we were in as I was really frightened for our lives. He was wonderful and I was so distressed I did not get his name. I want to thank him and let him know how grateful I am for coming to our rescue” said Natalie.