Dear Sir,

I insert this notification and recommendation to the town’s folk for my good friend Neville Jones, he is worthy of praise from me, as, if not for him, I would not be as well off as I am today, in fact I have to also include his lovely father John, Johnny Jones, as some knew him, he was a kind man and kind enough to allow me to use one of his buses to take my PSV test, which I passed first time.

However, back to Neville, he is a curious man to say the least, he is hard to work out, but he is harmless and a true professional in his work ethic; he is the man we should be backing for the election in Newton Aycliffe.

My vote is yours Nev, as is my wife Jeanette’s – do it for the town, we will back you. Good luck.

George & Jeanette