Dear Sir,

I refer to the recent remarks by Arun Chandran, I was simply making the point, as shown on the website of the electoral commission, that a Councillor, once the election is called, then any Councillor becomes a Candidate seeking re-election. As stated on DCC’s website “statement of nominated persons”, it does not mention Councillor but Candidate.

The purpose of my original letter to the Newton News was from our litter picking group under the support of Great Aycliffe Town Council with Ian Gray leading on this, as a Town Councillor. I have not yet seen any Independent Councillor come forward to help keep the town clean and free from litter. We travel all over the town and a variety of hotspots, which can be in any of the eight ward areas.

I will not get in the long drawn out debate on this issue, also it should be noted that I am not the spokesperson for the Labour Party just a member and give support to all of the members who stand. Remember he once stood under a Labour banner it now seems that more people are standing as Independent than ever.

I say, let the people decide.

Vince Crosby