Students at Greenfield Community College were inspired by Science recently as they experimented as part of British Science Week.

Staff and students showed amazing innovation as they took part in home ‘experiments’ for STEAM Scientist of the week (Science, Technology Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

Each day an experiment was posted on our school Facebook page, @Greenfield, which could be carried out at home using ‘kitchen chemistry’ or craft materials. These included making hot ice, investigating Epsom salts, making a water-wheel and even braving science to ferment food substances! The students found out so much more about science as part of a ‘hands-on’ and valuable learning experience.

Students were enthusiastic and submitted their photos to staff to be part of the competition. The brilliant STEAM Scientist of the week was Callum who won a Science Museum Rocket Kit. Well done to everyone who has taken part and to families for their support, it has made science at Greenfield such a positive experience.

STEAM Club started again at Greenfield Community College, on Tuesday 13th April. Year 7 students can meet on a Tuesday in SC6 and can find out more information from Science teachers at school.

Greenfield Community College are committed to developing skills that raise aspirations and support future learning and career choices. The school promotes an inclusive curriculum, encouraging students to work together to realise an outstanding learning experience. If you would like further information visit or contact the school by emailing: or by calling 01325 300378.