Dear Sir,
At Great Aycliffe Town Council AGM, on Wednesday 19th May, a coalition of Independent and Liberal Democrat members ousted Labour from the main roles. This is the first time in forty years that the council have elected a non-Labour Mayor, Cllr. Sandra Haigh, and a non-Labour Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Ken Robson.
Thanks were expressed to Mary Dalton for her role as previous Mayor and the part she has played representing the council prior to her retirement.
Thanks must be given to Liberal Democrat Councillors who engaged with Independent Councillors to make this momentous change in direction of our council demonstrating that we can work together for the benefit of our wonderful town and its residents.
During the election process manifestos were distributed by all parties and individuals which it is our fervent hope that we can deliver whilst simultaneously keeping a stable fiscal position. For the next four years we shall be working together with all parties to deliver the best outcomes for our residents.
Residents of Great Aycliffe, thank you for placing your trust in us as a council, we shall repay that trust to the best of our ability.
Finally I would like to give my personal thanks to Town Clerk Dan Austin for skills and advice given, I am certain he will become the greatest town clerk this town has seen. Also my friend and mentor Cllr. Arun Chandran for his choreography of events which made the meeting run smoothly.
Cllr. Ken Robson