Tuesday evening has become available at Agnew Community Centre from 6-30pm in our main hall. We would prefer a long term booking for a minimum of 2 hours at a cost of £9 per hour. For additional information or to book, contact Ron on 07749 236853 at any time or during office hours on 01325-321504.
Regular users are;
Monday to Friday: Aycliffe Day Nursery except bank holidays and the Christmas period. 8am to 6pm. Tel: 07761 818514. (from £3 per hour).
Monday: 7pm to 9pm    Aycliffe Spiritualists     (Hall)
Tuesday: Art Class    1pm to 3pm in the meeting room
Tuesday: 7pm to 9pm    Aycliffe Spiritualists in the meeting room.
Wednesday: Tai Chi Class, 7pm to 8pm. (Hall).
Wednesday: Art & Craft Workshop 3-45pm to 5-45pm meeting room.
Thursday:     Arriba Weight Loss Challenge 6.15pm to 8.15pm (Hall).
Friday: PK All Stars Youth Club [7-11yrs], 6pm to 7.30pm (Hall).
The meeting room has some unbooked times with the day time being available from £5 per hour and the evening from £6 per hour.
Weekends bookings available for birthday parties, training or a variety of uses to suit your needs and your pocket. Ring Ron for help on the above numbers or by email: agnewcommunitycentre@btconnect.com