There is a national scheme that provides for a £150 payment to all households in bands A to D (including E where a disabled band reduction is in place) except for houses in multiple occupation. Unoccupied properties are also excluded from the scheme.
Following successful testing of the software needed to support administration of the scheme, payments have now commenced for all council tax payers who pay by direct debit and where they have made a payment this month, with the money being paid directly into their bank accounts. Payments will be staggered over the following two weeks according to when the April direct debit was paid, however, where a direct debit has recently been set up and the first payment is not due until May, Durham County Council are unable to make the payment until after the first direct debit has been paid. Once the first instalment has been made the £150 payment back to them will be actioned. This is in line with the national guidance received.
Durham County Council will be writing to all the non-direct debit payers in bands A to D from the beginning of May asking them to apply for the payment via their website and provide their bank details so that payments can be made direct to them.
Alternative payment methods will be offered for those who do not want to be paid by this option (payment voucher or a credit to their council tax account) and there will be a default position of crediting their council tax account should we not hear from them in a specified period to ensure all those entitled to this support receive it.
These payments will not impact on eligibility for any other discounts or exemptions on council tax or on any welfare benefit entitlement.
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