The eagerly awaited new skate park in the Town Park, which has been provided by Great Aycliffe Town Council, was officially opened by the Mayor of Great Aycliffe last week.
Despite the cold weather, local skaters have been using the new facility in large numbers since its completion just before Christmas, flocking from across the town and the surrounding area.
The new facility, which was designed and installed by Fearless Ramps, was the preferred design identified during a public consultation process which including many of the skaters during the summer. The new skate park which has been entirely funded by Great Aycliffe Town Council at a cost of £49,000, replaces the popular previous design as its framework was becoming beyond economical cost to repair.
The skate park, which can be used by scooters, skaters and BMX users features a wide half pipe, which allows BMX riders to use it safely, and a series of ramps that can be ridden as a circuit for those riders who are skilled and daring enough to attempt it.
In addition to the skate park, Great Aycliffe Town Council also provides a scoot track at Horndale and a BMX track at Woodham Park for those users who have an interest in this type of wheeled sport.
The photograph shows the Mayor of Great Aycliffe, Councillor John Clark, with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Great Aycliffe Town Council’s Recreation Committee, Councillors Jed Hillary and Brian Hall.