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A Community of Success

WELL DONE BISHOP AUCKLAND Congratulations to The Auckland Project, whose Auckland Tower building has been shortlisted for a Planning Excellence award. Designed to look like a medieval siege engine, the tower offers panoramic views of the town. It has certainly polarised opinions, with descriptions ranging from “beautiful” and “quality craftsmanship” to “a monstrosity” and “a gross invasion of privacy”. Whatever you think of it, however, you cannot deny that it is remarkable, and it has certainly caught people’s attention. Many people will criticise it, until in years to come they try to knock it down, when everyone will fight to save it as a loved landmark – is that not how things work!

WELL DONE MAYOR Last Friday Town Mayor John Clark held his civic dinner at the Hallgarth Hotel, raising money for his chosen charity the Great Aycliffe Cancer Support Group, which does vital work to support its members. Great Aycliffe Town Council has suffered a few controversies this past year but, through it all, our Mayor has served his term with a quiet, down-to-earth dignity. Well done John.

WELL DONE ALL Indeed, as we read though many of the articles in this week’s Newton News, do you not agree with us that it is full of events and people that deserve a hearty ‘well done’? In a world which can too easily seem full of failure and despair, week by week the columns of the Newton News record the achievements of many, many local people, who together contribute to make us a community of success.