Woodham Academy has this year introduced Student Ambassadors. The new system has given all Year 11 students an opportunity to shine as both leaders and role models within the school. They will meet a wide variety of the visitors the school receives,  partners from outside the school, talk to parents and also prospective students.
“All our Year 11 students have embraced the opportunity to support the daily workings of the school as well as linking themselves with students in Year 7 and 8 as mentors and supporters.” said Pam Hall Director of Student Support.
“This helps our students look forward to their next steps ensuring that they stand out in their selection process for jobs, apprenticeships and college places as well as building their communication skills and confidence for life. “ she said
Students are currently on a four week trial. After this time all those who have shown excellent organisational and leadership qualities will be selected to continue with the role throughout the coming academic year.
“The only qualifications that are required are hard work, reliability and sensitivity.” said one of the new Ambassadors.

woodham girls