Spring is always a very busy time for the fifty students of Woodham’s Dance Academy. This year is no exception and the extra work and effort that has been put in by staff and students has really paid off. They have choreographed and performed some complex pieces, varying in a range of styles, many of which were performed at the Christmas concert, and most recently, at the ‘Great Big Dance Off’ regional competition.
The Dance Academy travelled to Halifax on Wednesday 20th March and performed two pieces. The first powerful and dramatic piece ‘Run Boy Run’, involved all students in Dance Academy. The second, choreographed by Mrs Duffy, was a contemporary piece performed to ‘Russian Roulette’. This was a very challenging dance that was performed exceptionally well by ten students from Y7 through to Y9. They really came together to make their performance look effortless.
At the Victoria Theatre, not only did students perform, but they also had the opportunity to watch other schools and colleges. This was a fantastic chance for the students to see a range of styles and age groups representing the Northern Region.
All of the practice and commitment of the students preparing for this benefitted the Woodham Dance Showcase, which was held on Thursday 25th April at Woodham Academy and celebrated and showcased the hard work that the students had put into Dance. There was a full programme with twenty very different pieces ranging from solos to whole group pieces.