The Anglican Parish Church of St. Clare’s in the town centre hosted this year’s Women’s World Day of Prayer. This year the Service was written by the Women of the Philippine’s and was themed on the subject of “Am I Being Unfair to You”. The Service was attended by churches from different denominations on the town, and the feedback afterwards was really encouraging. All who attended were given small embroidered  bags of rice to remind them of the staple diet of the Philippine’s, and were invited to light a candle in remembrance of the country we had prayed for. The “Open the Book Team” who go into many schools on the town gave a lovely presentation of a reading from Matthew’s Gospel of The Rich Land Owner, and how fair he was to his workers The Service closed with everyone being invited for a lunch of home made soup, and typical Filipino fare of tuna and cracker’s and Filipino cakes. Thanks to all who helped make this Service  successful and to those who came along, we enjoyed your company very much.

prayer day 2