Dear Sir,

I was pleased to see that there was going to be Summer Camps/Healthy eating sessions, Health, Wellbeing and Learning for All at the Western Area Community Centre which is in the West Ward where I know a lot of young people need help and guidance. Just over a month ago Investing In Children held six very successful sessions in the Centre and with free use of the Community Bus to take young people out to places of fun and activity. Imagine my surprise when I received a casual call from Lindsey Todd cancelling these sessions.

The lady organiser had looked at the outside of the building and decided it was not suitable as she was wanting 50 people to attend. I agree that it is a small centre but at least it could have been inspectedto see what it is like inside. This showed total ignorance and knowledge of our area. Funding stipulates an age range, but it was very unfair to disqualify children 5yrs –  8yrs  who are the young people who need help and activities. The parents of these young people bring their youngsters and stay with them every Tuesday and Friday night at our Kids Club where they enjoy their healthy eating teas. I have since found out that the sessions are going to be held at Greenfield School which is NOT in the West Ward and once again our area has lost out!

Dorothy Bowman.