A few weeks ago Paul Howell MP wrote in his weekly blog in the Newton News that he had £5000 to give to charities in Newton Aycliffe and he invited people and organisations to write to him if they wanted to be considered for some of the money.

Rotarian Pat Pickersgill emailed Paul explaining the work that Rotary carries out via Rotarian Geoff Batchelor who works with those in crisis in our area. Paul invited both Pat and Geoff to meet with him at his office in Sydney House to discuss matters further and he was most interested and impressed in the partnership work that Geoff does liaising with such as the health visitors, social workers and Newton Aycliffe Police, to name a few, with the aim of helping those in most need.

Paul has subsequently handed a donation to the Rotary Club towards, what he considers to be, pro-active and excellent work in our community. Well done and thank you to Pat for the initial approach to our MP and to Geoff for his charitable endeavours and, of course, many thanks to our Member of Parliament, Paul Howell.