“The Seekers Prayer”

Every challenge we experience gifts us the opportunity to go beyond what we already know about ourselves and take us into the unknown to discover what we are capable of. As we venture ever further into this strange land courage born of comfort and certainty recedes until it’s no more than a cold distant memory.
In the emptiness our thoughts, like unwanted echoes, return again and again as the fear of our failure gives life to the shadows of our mind. Ever more uncertain we stumble over the remains of our past mistakes buried by the sands of time, only to be uncovered by the winds of change.
Fearful of what lies ahead and seeking comfort we cling ever tighter to the remnants of our fragile successes as the winds of change look to tear them from our grasp. Exhausted, our energy spent; supplicant, we plead for a moment’s peace, and in the eye of the storm the seekers prayer is answered.
Amidst a stillness that comes from beyond silence, a realisation that the shadows have passed and taken with them the debris of dead and decaying beliefs long outgrown. What appeared in our darkest hour as a barren landscape has been transformed by the light of a new dawn into a blank canvas ready to receive that which we hold to be true.
A challenge is a new skill waiting to be developed, a new strength to be tested or a new relationship waiting to be forged out of fear and uncertainty. Change is uncomfortable, but development always lies in that distant land beyond the barriers and borders of limitation that we set ourselves, and sooner or later each one of us must make that journey to seek out the truth and to be all that we can be.
The Little Buddha