All hedgehogs in Rescue are making excellent progress but have a bit to go before we start releasing, the weather conditions are very difficult for them, dry one minute, then wet, too wet for nest making and food sources are getting submerged. The more food we provide for them in our gardens the better the outcome for these very cute mammals.

We have had a lot of support, as usual, from Sonia, Bev, Angie and, not forgetting, June and Valerie for continuing to knit lots of lovely animals for us to sell. We have also received a cash donation anonymously, thank you all.

Because it has been very cold this May we are admitting before any releasing can be done and other rescues local to us are able to step in and help. We are also attending car boot sales to raise funds to stay afloat with food, medical supplies and bedding. Antibiotics don’t come cheap but it’s being able to act in any emergency that is essential to rescue centres. When we receive a hog into rescue, not knowing what their problems are some detective work is necessary, time is of the essence, the sooner we get them in, the better the outcome.

In this last week we have admitted six poorly hedgehogs. Bonnie is already nice and settled here and having treatment for parasite burden, Ken and Kathleen brought her in and also left a cash donation towards her care, she has a poorly eye but it will be sorted. Also a cash donation has been received from Holly’s finder, she is doing very well and has completed her treatment, poor soul was freezing cold and hypothermic on arrival but 24 hours in our vivarium soon made her better. Finally Rebecca also got in touch with us about a very weak hog, just admitted an hour ago, he or she will be allowed to sleep, get used to captivity and treatment starting later today.

Maxine, Tara and Tyra