Prickly Haven residents are ticking over nicely, all healthy weights but we are just waiting for the weather to be kinder for releasing these lovelies, either back home or to somewhere different and a lot safer, to enable their numbers to grow even more.

We would like to thank all the people who make this Rescue the success it is, June, Sonia, we have two Bethany’s, Jane and Tom, our next door neighbours, the list grows and grows. Sore Paws are amazing too, everyone who plays a part in making this Rescue the success it is, Tara being so devoted to caring and nurturing these hedgehogs, proud to have her working with me and she will also get a lot of pleasure when we have to hand rear hoglets very soon.

It’s quite uncommon but it does happen where, in these cold months, we still have to admit sick or injured hoggies. This happened Tuesday night 16th, Clive and Valentine were upset to discover a hog in the garden with a deep injury to her back, after popping her to bed on a heat pad and vet bed, courtesy of Cynthia, she was able to relax, eat and have a sleep once she had taken her antibiotics and pain relief. She has had a lovely settled night and will be having a bath and some oils rubbed onto her wound.

Have a good week, stay safe and for our tip of the week please check out our Facebook page which is Prickly Haven Hotel or ring BHPS on 01584 890801.