Great news for all hoggie lovers out there, releases are starting to happen. We have worked very hard but the results speak for themselves, young Willow was taken home on Tuesday evening with Lesley and Steve, she came in and we found a lot of intestinal problems and and approximately 70 ticks that were removed, it took about 4 weeks but she gained 200 grams since her treatment started to do its magic. We would also like to pass on our thanks to Tara who has, like myself and Viv, taken hedgehogs into our homes, they are all too small for release yet but making progress. We do have to limit our numbers because of them living and recovering in a separate room in our houses, but we never turn a poorly hedgehog away if we can help it.

Thanks to our lovely neighbours and friends for the wonderful donations to sell at our car boot sale, Lesley and Steve Willows finders, Terry and Corina, Joanne,Tom and Abigail and Lorraine Elliott, she helps many hogs get to me quickly for, sometimes urgent, treatment.

Can I ask everybody who is still putting slug pellets down to stop this, our hedgehogs eat slugs wether they are poisoned or not, we need to keep these hedgehogs alive.

Tip of the week, if you find a hedgehog out in the day it is in a lot of trouble, please get him or her, big or small, indoors, in a high sided box with towels and something warm, then seek expert help please, we are still seeing babies/juveniles out there that should be here in rescue centres.