Dear Sir,

I feel compelled to add my story to this issue as there is much more at stake than just inconvenience and irritation in regard to the issue of irresponsible driving behaviour on the roads around the residential areas of Newton Aycliffe.

Recently I had the misfortune to be directly impacted by a selfish, dangerous driver who managed to run into the back of my vehicle whilst it was parked in Gilpin Road in July. The damage was significant and occurred between 21:00 and 05:00. The likelihood of this individual being unfit to drive through drink or drugs is, I suspect, high! I would go further and suggest that they are also uninsured.

Aside from the damage to the car, which occurred just before I was due to go on holiday and just weeks after I had purchased it, I was compelled to have the repairs undertaken via my insurance. This cost me an excess of £250.00, in addition my insurance premium will become very much higher as a result, after twenty years no claims that is infuriating!

The damage done my own vehicle notwithstanding, I have seen numerous people driving well in excess of the 30 mph limit along this road, which has cars parked along its full length, requiring motorists to use, what is in effect, a single carriageway. This area is populated with family homes with children frequently in the street. It is only a matter of time before the same, or another irresponsible idiot, causes more that just damage to a car that they are too selfish and cowardly to acknowledge.

Yours sincerely

Jayne Todd