It has been a really busy week in rescue, admitting and releasing back to the wild. Over the last few days I have admitted two here, the first one is a little 455 gram female, she has been called Missy, out in the day alone, she is from Bishop Auckland.
Secondly a more disturbing tale, there was a hedgehog in distress not too far from this rescue, when I managed to collect and bring her home, to medication, food and a comfy bed, it was 10pm Saturday night, had I not managed to bring her in that night the outcome would have been grim. When I came down to clean cages at six the following morning, the poor souls body had swollen up into balloon syndrome. This syndrome is quite rare, it’s common in hedgehogs that have suffered some physical trauma. I took her to see Angela of Grange Vets who had a look at her and her chest is badly bruised, this poor soul has been physically attacked by someone. This behaviour cannot be tolerated, it’s an offence to harm wildlife, I hope Big Brother was a witness because she was made dreadfully ill and I have had to put my best work into her, plus a couple of sleepless nights, but it has been worthwhile of course. Grace is a very ill hog, but turning a corner now, catching up on her rest.
I am in the process of fundraising, this is also very difficult especially when I need not only food, but meds, antibiotics, syringes and needles etc, so, our lovely Shirley, Tesco Community Champion, has invited me to the store to raise funds and awareness, I am also there to answer any questions you may have, please come and see me on the 1st June after 10am.
Finally, it appears that we have won a petition, all new developments have to make boundaries hedgehog friendly, so our hedgehogs can roam freely from garden to garden exploring and searching for food, it’s also part of the levelling up programme, we have to share our world, we all have a right to be here.
The British Hedgehog Preservation Society number is 01584 890801, for a hog in distress etc. Facebook Page: Prickly Haven Hedgehog Hotel, email: