It’s been an eventful week for Tara and myself, the good news is lots of support from June and Valerie, they have been making some lovely rabbits and penguins for us to sell, also a special thank you to Will for an amazing donation of toys and finally Sonia for some lovely food for our poorly hogs. We have to mention finders for the speed they have got poorly hogs to us. Firstly, Lindsay who brought a lovely hog to us on Friday night after finding him in her dogs mouth, she has named her hedgehog Sonic, recovering nicely, also Mike and Julie for discovering a lovely little 2 month old girl, out in the day and suffering from an upset tummy, they have named her Hazel. When we admit poorly hedgehogs we always make sure that they are warmed through, given a soft warm bed and food also, more importantly, time to adapt to captivity. Stress is a killer for these mammals if they aren’t handled correctly on admission.

We are finding things difficult at the moment because we are continuing to admit hoggies before we can release the healthy, over wintered, ones, every Rescue is working hard to accommodate the best they can, we work together to make sure every hog gets the help they need and richly deserve. All we are waiting for is nice night time weather for them. Tara and I are hoping to release about 23 into the wild, which is very fulfilling, it’s also up to us to keep them safe, everyone’s cooperation is greatly appreciated, they need all the help they can get. Lots of information is available on the People’s Trust for Endangered Species website.

Weekly Tip: For any help or advice The British Hedgehog Preservation Society are reachable on 01584 890801, our Facebook page Prickly Haven Hedgehog Rescue and Hedgehog Street have lots of help and advice for anyone who needs it, if all else fails our local vets.