Last Sunday I admitted a little hog and she has been named Sunday, she is from West Auckland, she has the most awful upset tummy. The second admission is an elderly lady called Buttercup, she came in from Grange Vets with a runny nose and a parasite burden, doing very nicely at the moment. And lastly, bless her, Holly came out of hibernation last Friday with some quills missing and an upset tummy, she has been through the mill but back home ‘til she is feeling better. Neil and Caz originally saved her on 5/11/22, bless her, she has been through so much.
I would like to thank everyone who has made donations to my rescue, the cost to run is unbelievable, if anyone can help me further then I would be very grateful, my resources and time is stretched to the limits. Thank you Ann, Bill and Lynda, your donation is getting some more food for these lovelies. I currently have twelve cages and only room for seven, cleaning, medicating and feeding is quite a major operation, twice a day till some go home, most of my cleaning supplies are supplied by Grannies Choice.
I am waiting for the weather conditions to improve, and the holidays to finish, before I release any of these beautiful mammals, what worries me is sports netting, strimmers, etc etc, the list is endless, they have so much against them, we all have to try and help them wherever possible. I am also worried about dog attacks, we need responsible dog owners, all our visiting hedgehogs want to do is eat then leave. If you think your dog will hurt a hedgehog, the dog needs to be watched, even put on a leash, even in its own garden. A hedgehog has 7000 quills and you can trust me to know that the dog will come off worst, quills can leave a nasty infection in your dogs mouth which will need a vet.
Here is beautiful Holly, she is a little thin but I will give her the best I can to gain weight and go free again.
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The British Hedgehog Preservation Society number is 01584 890801.